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Submitted on
December 14, 2010


I generally do not like making sappy/emotional/whatever because I feel like I am grabbing for attention or something, when really that is the last thing I want lol :I anyway! I have been seeing a few of these so I thought I'd make my own Christmas Wish......just ignore this Journal if you don't want to read sappy crap durhurrr

I wish this year I could spend Christmas with the ones I love. I wish so badly to be with...well a family. Its hard to say what is and what isn't my real family is in so many little pieces and there is so much violent conflict between the members that being together is much harder than being apart. But I know who I love, and those are the people who love me. You may be my friends, my step dad, my step brothers, my mom, my dad....But you are who I want to spend my Christmas with.
I just want for one day for all this fighting and yelling and arguing and disagreeing and misfortune to end, if only for one day. I don't care about the presents or the gifts, and really, I just want to be there with them, my family: that would be gift enough.
Theres no tree this year, no lights, no ornaments, no decorations, no presents. But I don't care, thats not what christmas is about to me.
I know this year my wish won't come true. I am thousands of miles away from you and unlike Santa, you can't make it across the world in a single night. So instead, I hope that you have a great christmas where you are, and the same for anyone reading this! I hope you get all your christmas wishes and all the things you wanted this year!

I hope I can see you in the years to come! And that my christmas won't be so lonely and lacking of you guys <3


HAVE A FABULOUS CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS! Thank you guys for all the art and favorites and comments and everything this year, it means so much to me!
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
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